Ideal for vegetarians, or anyone wanting to give up meat for a while without giving up on taste or nutrients. Based on plants, super-foods, and eating a 'rainbow diet' of phytonutrients, each meal contains different healing nutrients to fight toxins, boost metabolism and support immune function.
Menu: Think veggie food is boring? Soulara will make you think again. Meals are delicious, filling, and the range is so varied that each meal is a special treat. Even though the meals can be focused on weight-loss, they’re filling, and contain so much goodness that you feel healthier and happier after eating them. Meals contain an assortment of plant-based protein sources, like quinoa, hemp seeds, spirulina, nuts, chia seeds, beans, and kale, so you’re eating a wide-variety of goodness with every dish. Best of all, they’re such an inspiration to eating plant-based meals, that you’ll want to continue eating this way.
Favourite: The lovingly-named Coconut Dreams Risotto and Soul Rejuvenation Japache Dinner.
Cost: Meal plans start at nine meals per week, beginning at $9.50 per meal.
Where: Queensland, Melbourne and Adelaide (check the website as areas are expanding).


There’s been a buzz about this food delivery service ever since it caused a ripple in the Shark Tank programme, and for good reason. Founded by Dr Geoffrey Draper, a weight loss surgeon, and Kate Save, a weight loss dietitian, diabetes educator and exercise physiologist, BeFitFood is all about helping you on your weight loss journey, and ensuring you eat well and still enjoy your food. There are four meal plans to choose from: BeRapid – a strictly calorie controlled eating plan (we’re talking 820 calories per day) for quick weight loss; BeActive – designed to boost your metabolism and help weight loss; BePumped – ideal if you’re hitting the gym or HIIT classes and need to support your workout through diet; and B5:2 – based on intermittent fasting, this is a great way to stick to your calorie count on those 500 cal days.
Menu: Surprisingly varied, with curries, soups, fritattas, and delicious breakfasts. If you’re on the BeRapid meal plan and you get peckish, or find that the meals aren’t big enough, then Save recommends adding a salad for extra filling. Protein balls are also available to tide you over those sugar cravings.
Favourite: Red Dahl Curry and Meatballs and Pasta. Servings on the BeRapid plan are small, so it can take a few days for your appetite to adjust accordingly. Luckily, the French eggs for breakfast were extremely filling, ideal for me as I prefer a heartier start to the day, and I wasn’t hungry at all.
Cost: Prices vary according to the programme you choose.

Phil & Guy's Wholesome Food

If you’ve ever wanted to eat like a celebrity, then look no further than this food delivery service. Caterers to the celebs on the sets of Mad Max, The Great Gatsby, Superman and Alien, they’ve added a little superstar sparkle to their home delivery menu. In fact, it was the constant requests for takeaway meals from the on-set cast and crew which inspired the chefs and founders, Guy Firth and Phil Lethbridge, to set up their business.
Menu: Made from scratch, the meals are just what you’d like to prepare for yourself and your family, if only you had the time. The menu ranges from healthy salads to comforting meals, like salmon pie, plus you can choose your own sides to supplement your choices. The packaging is stylish, too – there’s nothing frozen-meals about anything from these guys.
Favourite: The Beef Lasagne was as good as my mum's (even my nine-year-old was a fan), and the Chocolate Brownie was delicious - impossible to resist!
Cost: Prices start from $9.50 for a main.
Where: Sydney's eastern suburbs and inner west, although contact the company for upcoming delivery areas.

The Bake Box

Not strictly a food delivery service, but too good to leave out. If you like to make healthy, sugar-free snacks for your kids, but struggle to find the time, then this subscription service is ideal. The Bake Box sends you the packaged ingredients and ready-mix packs for healthy snacks to last you for up to a month. Ideal for encouraging kids to cook healthy treats with you, because they’re so simple to make and taste delicious. Best of all, they’re organic, vegan-friendly, and don't contain any additives; some mixes are also gluten-free.
Menu: There’s a wide range of bakes to choose from, including bliss balls, banana cinnamon muffins, and cacao-chip muesli bars. All you have to do is add honey or maple syrup, and your choice of milk (we opted for cow’s milk for one mix, and almond mix for the other, with equally tasty results). The kids loved the ease of the mixes; I loved that it was a quick, easy, and mess-free.
Favourite: The Cacao-chip Cookies were a hit with the whole family, and the Muesli Bars were ferried off by my husband and not shared.
Cost: $12.50 per mix.
Where: Bake Mixes are available from various outlets around Australia, but The Bake Box is available online and can be delivered.