What’s new in this issue!

*In full bloom We chat to best-selling author Bronnie Ware about what a regret-free like looks like.

*Meet The Medicinal Chef Dale Pinnock talks about how we need to rethink our relationship with fats.

*5 surprising weight loss hacks It's tempting to blame your metabolism, genetic make-up, or hormonal imbalances. However, often the problem is not rooted in the body, but in the mind.

*Save the males! Attitudes towards men’s health in Australia have undergone a complete transition in the past 40 years.

*Best of both worlds Looking for a dynamic therapy that combines elements of massage, yoga and Ayurveda? Look no further than Thai massage.

*Chakra balance The seven major chakras are energy points, spinning spheres of bioenergetic activity in the body, writes yoga master Amy Landry.

*The eyes have it Your eyes are truly the windows to your soul: look after yours well with safe, natural, eco-friendly products.

*Your skin's microbiome Bacteria and skin don't sound like a great combination, but in fact the right balance of micro-organisms in and on your skin keeps it healthy.

*Hormone harmony Ensuring your hormones are in balance can lead to a calmer and happier life. We ask our experts how to achieve it.

Plus: Our 2018 Natural Beauty Awards, feng shui to harmonise your home, how to set amazing goals, anti-ageing essential oils, natural cures for dry skin, dark circles, and acne, Lola Berry's favourite foods to make you glow, and much more in the December17-January18 issue of Nature & Health, on sale December 1!