What’s new in this issue!


*Thank and grow rich After years of studying the law of attraction and manifestation, Pam Grout wrote a book of nine experiments to prove the universe has your back - and her life transformed.


*Sister act Meet the raw food dynamic sister act and winners of The Magic Elephant’s “Female Entrepreneurs Under 30”, Gina and Eccie Newton.


*Outsmart back pain Back pain and poor posture are closely related. Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor Sophia Auld explores strategies to help build a healthier back.


*Good fat, bad fat Dietary fat is perhaps one of the most confusing and controversial areas of nutrition for people to navigate. Naturopath Tania Flack makes it easy for you.


*A cup of good health Laura Greaves investigates the ancient Chinese practice of cupping – how does it work, and could it help you?


*Wonder weed Medicinal marijuana is showing remarkable results in a range of difficult diseases, including epilepsy and cancer, writes naturopath Caroline Robertson.


*Orient express During the Ming Dynasty, pearl powder was prized for making skin glow; fast forward to 2017, and beauty secrets from Japan, Taiwan and China are all in the news.


*Sun sign seduction Cosmic compatibility can make or break a relationship. Discover how astral attraction can magnetise a mate.


*Pretty clean Making your own soap is incredibly gratifying. It is lovely knowing that each time you have a shower or bath the lathery bar is filled with herbs and flowers of your choosing.


Plus: Taline Gabrielan of Vegan Goes Luxe, power snacks, the pros and cons of probiotics, bush superfoods, detox done right, natural cures for candida, hayfever, and indigestion, yoga for a stronger spine, our guide to the best natural health careers, and much more in the October-November 2017 issue of Nature & Health, on sale October 1!