Glow all summer with these top natural beauty tips from natural skincare brand z'kin.

Summer is here and it’s time for parties, family gatherings and being out and about enjoying the summer sun with friends. It’s a busy time, so looking after your skin takes a back seat, yet this is the time of year when we want to look good and feel great.  To get your glow this summer, follow these simple natural beauty tips during December to be skin ready:

1. Avoid dehydration: Most of us do not drink enough water, so make sure you keep to at least eight glasses of water (two litres a day); not only will you feel energised, your skin will glow, too.

2. Use a natural exfoliator: Over the winter and spring your skin may have built up dead skin cells that make it appear rougher, drier and dull. Use an exfoliator once to twice a week during December to smooth, brighten and clear out pores for a natural fresh look for the beach, or a smooth base for make-up. We love zk’in Clarifying Exfoliator, with certified organic Australian coffee and oatmeal and soothing aloe vera; it’s a great smoothing and brightening treat and it's microbead-free, so it’s good for the environment, too.

3. Upweight the vitamin C: Whether you increase your intake of vitamin C-rich fruits or add a supplement to your diet, vitamin C is crucial to skin brightening and repair.

4. Add a masque to your routine: Adding a treatment masque to your skincare routine once a week during December will brighten and firm your skin for party ready freshness. Try zk’in’s Brightening and Hydrating Masque, with organic cocoa and aloe vera to smooth, brighten and restore the skin and clinically proven brown seaweed (Maritech Reverse) to smooth the appearance of wrinkles; it will give your skin a look that gets you noticed this summer.

5. Brighten your eyes: They say our eyes are the windows to our soul, and when you are tired and busy this shows. Wipe away wrinkles and brighten the eye area with zk’in Line Smoothing Serum, one of the best certified organic eye serums available. With 95 percent certified organic ingredients, it also contains paracress extract that is clinically proven to smooth away wrinkles and crow’s feet. Sventy-five percent of volunteers have seen results within 24 hours, so it’s a great party pick -me-up for tired skin and eyes.

6. Don’t forget the sunscreen: Finally, when you are out and about in the sun, don’t forget the sunscreen. The sun’s harmful UV rays are the fastest way to age your skin, so always choose an SPF 30 or SPF 50 to protect your skin. Choose a physical sunscreen such as zinc oxide as it provides a barrier on the skin that is less irritating than chemical sunscreens that react in the skin.

The zk’in skincare range is totally certified organic to ACO COSMOS standards – the highest international organic standard for skincare. zk’in has a zero tolerance of unnatural ingredients and is dermatologically tested to be non-irritant.
They believe in honest beauty, are certified organic and include clinically proven ingredients that deliver results for anti-ageing, sensitive, dry and oily skin. With zk’in organics you don’t have to compromise between natural or results skincare, you can achieve fresh, clean, healthy and youthful skin that protects you and the environment. Just perfect for naturally glowing skin this summer.