Debbie and James Pask offer healing holiday retreats to restore, rejuvenate and help people gain a deeper sense of meaning to their lives.

Senior experienced practitioners and meditation teachers Debbie and James Pask introduce a new way to take a break from work and your everyday life. They are offering to supercharge that time by going on a 4-day personal healing journey to reset your core strength, build resilience, and create a better relationship to the ‘inner you’. This retreat is held several times a year in the Bellingen mountains where individuals can look forward to experiencing spirituality, energy healing and goal setting.

“After years of coaching and healing sessions with clients, we realised that many people don’t take the necessary time out away from their busy lives and distractions to connect with their inner wisdom, spirit and vision," Pask explains. “We had the idea of a healing retreat several years ago, but it took us some time to find the right place and land to run these specialised getaways for people looking to reconnect and reboot their lives.”

Individuals who sign up for the Healing Holidays retreat receive a unique mix of activities for the body, mind and spirit. For the body, there is yoga practice, horseriding (optional), earth meditations, and bushwalks. Activities for the mind include values and purpose work, sound healings to soothe the nervous system, and fires on the beach for contemplation. And finally, to heal the spirit, retreat goers engage in personalised soul sessions, clearing away baggage and wisdom sharing sessions.


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