I started Nourished Life in 2012 after becoming frustrated with the lack of information available about natural and organic products. I began blogging and quickly found that there were a lot of women and parents like me who wanted to find the best natural alternatives for themselves and their children but found it difficult to find products which worked for their needs.


Nourished Life soon grew into a business after I started selling lip balms, and since then it has continued to expand, with our store now offering over 5000 products from 250 brands. What began as just my mum and me is now a team of dedicated and passionate staff manning the warehouse and helping customers.


We have even introduced our own range, Life Basics, designed to cut out the costs of fancy packaging and marketing so that we can offer affordable, budget-friendly options for everyone.


We work with like-minded suppliers, locally and internationally, and our own naturopath to produce natural and sustainable everyday basics, leaving out palm oil and also going plastic-free wherever possible. We are so proud of our non-toxic nail polishes, beeswax and vegan food wraps, natural skin care, sunscreen, bamboo sheets, and so much more.


I am still blogging about new products and requested topics every single week because it has remained such an important channel for me to communicate with our customers. It still makes me so happy when customers send me their stories because it reminds me that what I’m doing is important and can really make a difference.