A nourishing breakfast which promotes energy and vitality and keeps you warm and cosy through winter months. Warming aromatics like cinnamon and ginger make it absolutely irresistible.

I’m attracted to living off the land because I’ve invented a fantasy in which it provides lots of tranquil time in nature and lots of time to create, which probably is quite far from the reality.

Invigorate your health with one essential colour: green. Try this mouth-watering verdant veggie recipe.

Give friends and family these simple, wholefood, gluten-free treats that feed body and soul, from the author of My Petite Kitchen Eleanor Ozich.

Sometimes the colours that nature comes up with blow me away. Take the ruby red beetroot and red cabbage in this soup; they're as brilliant as the dahlias that grow in my backyard. So, too, is their taste.

This gluten-free, Paleo and vegetarian dish is very, very quick to make, so it's an awesome one to impress your mates with for brunch.

This gluten- and grain-free recipe is inspired by a trip I took to Mauritius. The food there is incredible and has a huge French influence, hence the 'Nutella' part of this creation.

Soft, mild papaya really comes alive when you introduce it to sharp lime and fragrant coriander. Papaya is both richly antioxidant and helps with digestion of protein.

This is a healing dairy-free and vegetarian ginger granola served with fresh peaches and coconut yoghurt, and I can’t think of a more perfect brekkie.

I love this dairy- and gluten-free meal because it keeps me full for so long – it’s also one of the most wholesome and nutrient-dense meals in town.

This deeply chocolatey torte has a fudgy, light yet dense texture that will have chocolate lovers hovering to give you their firstborn for another slice.

A roast eggplant is about as meaty and satisfying as a vegetable can get – sweetly caramelised about the edges with rich yielding flesh.

Winter slaw is my current favourite salad. I’ve been eating it about three times a week since I first created it.

Saffron has been used in traditional medicine for generations and has been shown in some studies to help alleviate anxiety and improve mood.

It’s been said before but it’s a drum worth beating: home-made curry paste tastes way better than anything you’ll ever buy.