Japanese seven spice, or shichimi togarashi, is a distinctive seasoning in this recipe that combines sesame seeds, chilli, Sichuan pepper, dried orange peel, pepper, ginger and seaweed flakes.

Want a way to cook and eat that is tasty, healthy, convenient, and comforting? This is where slow cooking really comes into its own.

Slow cooking is very forgiving: you don't need to hover over this yummy curry recipe as it simmers in the slow cooker or in a low oven.

Roasting the carrots concentrates their flavour and brings out their inherent sweetness, highlighted by the Asian-inspired coriander and mint pesto.

In the cooler months, beautiful earthy heirloom carrots make a lovely warm salad, coupled with a zesty Asian-inspired dressing.

Lotus root looks amazing and has a fantastic texture. This stir-fry is delicious with steamed brown rice and steamed Asian greens, such as choy sum, Chinese broccoli, or mustard greens.

If you can't find baby parsnips, larger parsnips cut lengthways into quarters will do the trick. The nuttiness of parsnips and hazelnuts pair very well together.

Although I try not to have favourite recipes (they’re all my babies!), this cake is my favourite. I love how easy it is. I love how rich and decadent it is. And I love that it uses cashews instead of flour!

Buckwheat should perhaps be given a new name as it not a wheat at all, nor a grain. It's a seed of a plant related to rhubarb, and is gluten-free, high in protein, and full of micronutrients.

As we age, poor circulation can get worse. This delicious recipe contains nutrients to help warm you up from the inside out.

The primary antioxidant lycopene is found in higher quantities in cooked tomatoes than raw, while spinach is rich in iron, magnesium and vitamin C.

Perfect for Mother's Day brunch! Strawberries, lemon zest and ricotta combine to make these incredibly light and fluffy muffins. They’re packed with protein to nourish and energise your body.

There is power in simplicity. The more life feels scattered, find simplicity in the things you can control. This dish is so simple and easy to make. It will convert anyone into a cauliflower lover!

For health and nutrition, it's hard to beat a tasty, home-made broth. Try this easy and nourishing recipe from Vicki Edgson and Heather Thomas.

This makes a wonderful breakfast with fresh blueberries and homemade almond milk or yogurt, but also it's rich enough to be eaten like a biscuit or muesli bar. Enjoy!