The perfect strawberry tart that’s just right for entertaining or summertime picnics. I love that it’s not too sweet and it’s also gluten-free.

An indulgent twist on a classic favourite, these gingerbread men help spread the Christmas cheer. The antioxidants from the cacao helps to naturally boost the feel-good chemicals in the body.

Love cold soups as much as I do? Here's a recipe that will make you forget that gazpacho is supposed to have tomatoes.

The macadamia nuts and oil mean you’re taking on board fantastic monounsaturated fat plus oleic acid and the nutrient squalene, which will feed the skin so nicely.

This is a lovely, super-simple way of getting your good fats in. Crisp and satisfying.

Most Dutch baby recipes use lots of butter and cream. This is a lighter version that uses coconut oil and almond milk, but tastes every bit as indulgent.

Macadamia nuts are full of proteins and good fats needed for shiny hair and strong nails, plus they are a great source of palmitoleic acid, which hydrates and heals skin.

This is a great little starter. A note of caution, though: check with your fishmonger that the tuna is very fresh. If in any doubt, leave it out!

Squash is everyone's favourite veggie at the start of summer – and then we can't use it up fast enough. Thankfully, it's so versatile, the possibilities are endless.

Adding a few extras to this simple, good-fat-rich staple takes it up a notch, big time!

This is packed full of skin-loving Brazil nuts and is inspired by something I tried at a raw food cafe in LA called Cafe Gratitude.

Puree into soups or sauces, mash and use instead of potato, roast the florets until they're golden-brown and put them on anything from pizza to tacos – so many choices!

This is a lovely dip that is great with all manner of vegetable crudites, or makes a filling snack when spread on multigrain toast.

This is one of my favourite dishes. I especially enjoy it with salad greens, but it's also delicious in a sandwich.

Life is sweet. When we get mired in the drudgery of everyday tasks or when it feels like life is at a standstill, it can be hard to remember all that is wonderful in this world.