The health blogger world is currently green with envy over matcha. Shots of the drink were the ‘it beverage’ at New York Fashion Week, and now even dedicated coffee lovers are ditching their morning cup in favour of this earthy tea. Green tea leaves are ground to a powder meaning you ingest the whole leaf – giving you loads more antioxidants than traditional green tea. It’s also a brain booster and improves stamina. Sounds awesome right? It’s even better in ice-cream. You’ll love these so matcha …

Green matcha pops

Prep time 10 minutes (plus 2 hours freezing); makes 6
⅔ cup coconut cream*
1 teaspoon matcha green tea powder (see tip)
3 teaspoons rice malt syrup or 8 drops liquid stevia
¼ cup raw chocolate or 75g 90% dark chocolate, melted
2 tablespoons pistachios, roughly chopped
mint leaves and extra matcha, to garnish (optional)

Add coconut cream, matcha powder and sweetener of choice to a bowl or blender and whisk or blend until smooth.
In a popsicle mould, pour in the mixture evenly leaving a small gap at the top for expansion. You can tap your mould on a hard surface to knock out any air bubbles.
Pop in the freezer to set briefly, before adding the popsicle sticks (they should be able to stand upright). Put back in the freezer for a few hours or until completely set.
Remove from moulds, drizzle with chocolate, top with pistachios, mint and a little extra matcha and enjoy!
* For a lighter option, use coconut milk or unsweetened nut milk.

Health hack
Substitute half the coconut cream for plain Greek yoghurt. You’ll amp up the protein for muscle-repair and satiety.

Tip: I use Matcha Maiden matcha powder, available from health food stores and online.

Recipe reproduced with kind permission from Love, Move, Eat by Sally O’Neil (Bauer Books, $34.99), available where all god books are sold.,